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Diatom A/S is a well-established engineering consultancy and trading company with over 50 years of experience. Our foundation is built upon three core principles: expertise, innovation, and quality. We are dedicated to delivering tangible results and creating value for our customers.

At Diatom A/S, we operate in six distinct business areas: Mechanical Assembly, Polymers, Dispensing, Lubrication, Filtration, and Flow technologies. Regardless of the field, our primary focus is to develop value-adding solutions that enhance efficiency and elevate quality standards for our customers. 

We collaborate exclusively with the industry's leading manufacturers, partnering with multiple manufacturers in each product area to ensure we can provide the best solutions and products at all times. While we serve customers across Europe, our primary market emphasis is on the Nordic region.


Diatom A/S is owned by Swedish investment group, Indutrade, which includes over 200 subsidiaries in more than 30 countries. The companies in the Indutrade Group develop and sell components, systems and services with a high-tech content. Within the Indutrade Group, Diatom A/S is a part of the business area "Industrial Components".


The companies Drifton A/SDia-Tech A/S and Bisco Vægte A/S are secondary business names to Diatom A/S. 
Drifton A/S is a specialized provider of pumps, dosing equipment, and accessories to laboratories and industries on a global scale. Bisco Vægte A/S offers a diverse range of weighing solutions that find applications across various industries specifically within Denmark. Lastly, Dia-Tech A/S specializes in delivering advanced robot and dispensing solutions to a wide array of industries in Denmark.

The history of Diatom A/S

Diatom A/S was founded in 1966 under the original name Diatom Værktøj (Diatom Tools). Initially, it was a privately-owned company with Knud Frandsen as the sole proprietor. In 1970, the company transitioned into a public limited company and underwent a name change to Diatom A/S in 2002.
Over the years, Diatom A/S has strategically acquired several companies, enabling us to expand our expertise and enhance our product portfolio.

Bredt sortiment af limtyper - både til industri og privat brug

Polymer technology

We supply industrial and specialty polymer products from a variety of renowned suppliers to all major industrial market segments in Denmark.

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diapress-presmoetrikker.jpg (1)

Mechanical Fastening

We supply mechanical fastening from international suppliers and private brands to all major industrial market segments in Denmark.

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Bredt sortiment af smøremidler til mange formål - både til industriel og privat brug

Lubrication Technology

Our services include providing a comprehensive range of lubricants, oils, coatings, greases etc.

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Tid-tryk dispensere fra Nordson EFD

Dispensing Technology

We supply solutions related to robotics, pumps and dosing technologies.

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Bredt sortiment af filtre bl.a. fra Amiad

Filtration Technology

We provide solutions for filtering, separating and cleansing fluids and gases.

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Flow Technology

We supply process instrumentation fixtures, e.g. regulators, fittings, valves and connectors.

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